The Team

From humble beginnings in the video games industry creating fantastic titles such as Angry Birds Go! and Heavenstrike Rivals, Stormburst was forged with a simple purpose - to unify game-inspired design with the software millions of people around the world use to go about their daily lives.


Co-founder & CEO


Co-founder & CTO


Business Development Director


Full Stack Developer


Junior Developer


Marketing Executive

Video Games

Everyone plays them, and most of us love them. So much so that they're now becoming a global sport viewed by millions of fans around the world. For too long we have left the benefits of gaming - engagement, motivation to achieve a goal, behavioral change - in the shadows. But we're set to change that.

Conventional Software

FitBit, Khan Academy, even the Facebook liking & commenting system are examples of loosely game-inspired design in action. We spend so much of our lives working, wouldn't it be great if these elements could be carried across to the business world? Here at Stormburst, that's our mission.